Sichuan Shen Gong Carbide Knives Co. Ltd. is located in Sichuan Province, Chengdu City, in the southwest airport development zone Shuangliu. It developped from its predecessor Chengdu Siruite Carbide Knives Co. Ltd. to its current form and now covers 29000㎡ (building area is about 25000㎡) and employs 300 people in total. The company boasts an integral production line ranging from WC powder preparation to finished carbide knives/blades. Our machine park features more than 500 machines.

With more than 20 years of experience in the production of tungsten carbide cutting and slitting knives/blades, we specialize in corrugated board cutting blades and other circular blades. More than half of our products are used in the overseas markets. Our corrugated board cutting blades of our brand ”Jingrui” won the “technologies innovation awards” of Sichuan Province. Our ”SRT” (Shen Gong Royal T) blades used for cutting lithium battery poles as well as our industrial blades are leading in the domestic and global market. Shen Gong (meaning: “heavenly tools”) qualities meet highest standards and requirements.

Our Goal:
We want to prove that as a Chinese manufacturer we are a quality maker of the 21st century with excellent products, just-in-time deliveries and great customer service. We believe in product development, sustainability, eco-friendly production and long-term customer relationships.